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Hollow glass beads used in the coatings

2014-11-26 04:16:47 1803
Hollow glass beads, by definition, but precisely because of this characteristic hollow, making it stand out from the ordinary glass microbeads. It has a light weight, low density, and good insulation properties, is the main raw material thermal insulation coatings. Efficient and low oil filling, can greatly reduce the amount of the coating produced using the various other ingredients, and ultimately reduce the cost. It features Weibi hollow sphere, in addition coating formation of many independent microscopic cavity insulation, thus greatly improving the coating of thermal and sound insulation, heat insulation and play a good role in reducing noise. Greater harvest is that it makes better antifouling coatings, anti-corrosion properties.
Heart spherical glass beads so that the structure of the impact force and stress have a good dispersion, added to the paint can well improve the resistance to external impact properties of the film, but can also reduce the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction the stress cracking.
Having better shielding effect whitening. White powder pigment having a better than whitening effect, effectively reducing other expensive fillers and pigments in an amount effective to enhance adhesion of the coating. Meanwhile, the microbeads have a good UV reflection effect, the coating can be prevented from yellowing aging. It is this characteristic, it is widely applied to the road against the cursor line and dividing lines of parking spaces.
Beads high melting point, greatly improving the coating temperature resistance, play a good role in the fire. Spherical particles bearing beads play the role of friction is small, can enhance the flow properties of the coating film, so that the construction is more convenient and so are its unique features.
Like every coin has its two sides, there is a good place, of course, the disadvantage is haunting. Beads chemically inert, non-toxic. However, because of a very light, so they need special attention added. It is recommended to take stepwise addition method, each bead is added for the remaining 1/2 of the amount, and gradually added, so you can be good to avoid beads float into the air, and the dispersion is more complete