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Glass beads used in rubber

2014-11-25 03:43:20 1966
With the study of glass beads gradually deepened, more and more of its characteristics to show its glamorous side, more applications are developed, it is not only involved in the decoration sector, the rubber industry is still showing with its unique side. 1. Filled hollow microspheres for UHMWPE materials both as improving the processing flow of solid lubricant, but also on the mechanical properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material is modified to increase its strength and wear and the like.
2. Mechanical properties of hollow beads added 6 nylon tensile strength, impact strength, hardness is improved, and prevents the material from aging caused by light and heat. With the increase of the content of cenospheres, Martin heat resistant temperature of the material is improved. For the production of bearings, cameras, furniture and other accessories.
3. Filled with empty glass beads rigid PVC, production profiles, tubes and plates, can material has good dimensional stability, improve the rigidity and heat temperature, and increase productivity.
4. Filled ABS, can improve the stability of the material size, reduce shrinkage, increase the compressive strength and flexural modulus, and to improve the surface properties of the painting can be widely used in TV cabinet, automotive plastic parts, stereo equipment, household appliances produce.
5. Filled epoxy, can reduce the viscosity of the material, improving the physical and mechanical properties, can be used for the production of composite foams, deep-sea submarine, lifeboats and so on.
6. Unsaturated polyester filling, make material shrinkage and decreased water absorption, abrasion resistance is improved and fewer points in the lamination and coating time and space to produce fiberglass products, polishing wheel, tools and so on.
7. Cenospheres rubber is a good pressure, wideband sound-absorbing material, with a target body composed it has many practical advantages: easy to manufacture zero buoyancy target body, and therefore suitable for the production target towing; good flexibility allows the target body is easy fold and unfold, such as volume.