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High-performance hollow glass microspheres

To meet clients' practical production demand,we customize high-performance hollow glass microspheres with the most suitable particle size, true density and crush strength to help them improve their products' performance. Our final aim is to make our clients enjoy steady and faultless quality and production process.

Sinosteel Maanshan New Material Technology Co., Ltd based on technical innovation and excellent quality, it can provide can provide standard products and customized product. Since its established, the company has successfully developed various specifications of high-performance Hollow Glass Microspheres products, the true density range of the products is 0.20 ~ 0.60 g/cm3, the particle size of it is 2~150μm, the crush strength of it is 3~82MPa(500~12000PSI), thermal conductivity is 0.0460~0.0934W/m*k. The products with the excellent features of light weight, large bulk ,low thermal conductivity, high crush strength and good fluidity etc. All products comply with the EU RoHS, and awarded certificates from relevant industry. High-performance Hollow Glass Microspheres can be widely used in reflective heat insulation coating, putty, adhesives, household appliances,construction and machinery, automotive and aerospace, oil drilling industry and etc.