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Darling mining field - glass beads

2014-11-27 04:20:49 1991
With our continued exploration and development of oil and gas fields, facing the low-pressure reservoir and drilling underbalanced drilling and other issues, so in terms of density of the drilling fluid increasingly demanding. Using gas-based drilling fluids, foam drilling, oil-in-water emulsion drilling fluid, oil-based drilling fluids, etc., there are many defects. For cementing it, with the improvement of the level of drilling technology, there has been an increasing number of deep and ultra-deep, and even some drilling depth has more than 6000m, so the process of drilling, often encountered in high-pressure low-level, low pressure easy leakage formation of these complex formation have increased the difficulty of cementing.
In underbalanced drilling in the application of high performance glass beads have many advantages. Adding glass beads drilling fluid density decreased significantly, and the greater the dosage, the lower the density of the drilling fluid. When the content of the T60 glass beads is 40%, the density of the drilling fluid is reduced to 0.870g / cm3. Therefore, its biggest advantage is that can be adjusted within a certain range of drilling fluid density. Immediate heat in a high pressure, fluid density is relatively stable, this is due to the T60 glass beads having a low density, high strength characteristics of the decision.
Work, there are still security risks in deep wells, and glass beads are a good solution to the problems. Added cenospheres low-density drilling fluid as a continuous medium having incompressible, homogeneous whole well density. Cake formed good lubricity, reduces the risk of sticking. Drilling highly deviated and horizontal wells can be recycled Because micro foam and air drilling technology can not deliver MWD signal, technically feasible, and cenospheres ball system signal distortion, has irreplaceable advantages.
In today's environment to promote environmental protection, glass beads are still able to walk in front. With its high temperature, high pressure resistance, stability and durability characteristics, quick to seize the market, and because of its recyclable it is sure to get all developers.