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Why do we choose high-performance hollow glass microspheres?

Reduce viscosity and increase fluidity

Hollow glass microspheres is a very small particles with a higher ball—type rate. Its "ball—bearing" effect can increase the fluidity and reduce the viscosity and internal stress of the resin mixture. As a result, the composite materials produce less heat in dynamic processing, and avoiding the inadequate lubrication and the partial thermal decomposition. On the process of injection molding , they are more easily squeezed out, which not only reduce the product defect, but also improve the production efficiency.

More substitute ability for resin
Hollow glass microspheres occupy less surface area, low oil—absorption rate, and evenly disperse in mixture. Its easy compression and integration permit high filler loadings. It significantly reduces the consumption of resins, increases the amount of filler, and effectively reduces VOC indicators, and costs as well.

Reduce the shrinkage and warpage of products
Features of high filling ratio and isotropic properties result in a high stability of terminal products in dimension and reduce the shrinkage and warpage rate.When filling in an appropriate proportion, it can improve the crush strength, impact strength, and surface hardness of terminal products obviously

More economical in volume
The density of high—performance hollow glass microspheres is just a friction of that of resin. Therefore, we only need use less hollow glass microspheres instead of large quantity of resin. When considering costs per unit in volume rather than that in weight, high—performance hollow glass microspheres can significantly reduce costs