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Why environmentally cleaning agents so scarce,Cleaner Spray

2014-12-26 02:57:42 1911

(The picture above from the 3M Company)
Glass bubble application can be described as widespread today's environment has declined, many environmentalists have been promoting care for the earth, protect the earth. glass bubble as a rookie, more and more eco-friendly developers of all ages. Why glass bubbles are so popular? In fact, there are many stories behind, you just from cleaning agents, it is now much cleaner market has certain hazards, not only harm the environment, people also true. Here's a brief introduction. (The following comes from Baidu Encyclopedia)
1. It applies to the whole effect cleaners wide, whether it is oil, dust or rust stains, can be easily resolved. But usually they contain ethylene glycol monomethyl ether solvents will destroy the red blood cells through the skin. Some consumers do not see the product description, without dilution, the dose, the greater the harm. Some sprays contain carcinogens formaldehyde.
2. Toilet cleaner. Toilet and sink so bright as new toilet cleaner can be fatal or cause permanent damage, it can pass through the skin, subcutaneous tissue and bone damage.
3. Laundry products. Detergent, fabric softener, which may contain carcinogens formaldehyde, short-term use can induce allergies and asthma.
4. Floor cleaners. California prohibits floor cleaner by adding nonylphenol ether, the substance is harmful to the environment, but also interfere with the human hormone balance. Some chemical cleaners containing floor, but also may cause fetal harm.
5. Degreasing agent. Degreaser may irritate the lungs, or burning skin and eyes, and may contain carcinogenic substances, some crystalline cleaners may blindness or fatal or dangerous chemical reaction. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, mucous membranes and clothing. When used to avoid accidentally swallowed or inhaled spray, be sure to put on gloves, gum, and try to maintain good indoor ventilation.
6. Tile cleaners. Some tile cleaning products irritate the lungs, and some will cause irreversible eye damage.
7. Air freshener. Scented candles, air fresheners contain carcinogens benzene and aromatic chemicals cause obesity, prone to addiction. Large number of inhalation is harmful to health, even deadly.
8. All Purpose Cleaner. General sense refers to household cleaning bottles belongings and clean the surface of the cleaning liquid containing a unique chemical formulation. Including heavy-duty and light-duty, multi-purpose cleaning, household-type three series, is often used in daily life and important to cleaning products.
Because of all the above, not only consumers worried that many professionals have questioned this, calling the output of environmentally friendly products, glass bubble, who is also the task, in many aspects of their applications, and our company as a developer also hope to develop more environmentally friendly, higher quality products.