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Tanks, pipelines and processing container preservative

2014-12-25 03:37:53 1986
With the rise of industry, has already bid farewell to the era of woodworking, but even under high-tech products, will still face the problem of corrosion, the following describes how 3M company is anti-corrosion measures.
3M offers a complete corrosion protection solutions, including various alternative pipelines, processing vessels, pumps and underground / above-ground storage tanks internal and external use of functional coatings. 3M Corrosion Protection Products can even help repair the tank wall to prevent leakage or loss of the tank wall, thus preventing rupture. Withstand harsh environments, extended equipment life and ensure more reliable operation.
To introduce the following sub-categories:
Internal Coating
3M ™ Scotchkote ™ liquid epoxy coating provides corrosion protection for internal tanks, pipes, fittings and other equipment.
Steel, concrete and other surfaces to provide long-lasting protection
Achieve enhanced flow
Applicable to all types of oil, gas and liquid
Exterior coating
3M ™ Scotchkote ™ Epoxy coating fused to provide the greatest degree of external protection for tanks and other refinery equipment:
Tolerant climate, UV, petrochemical and other harsh environments
Prevent and repair corrosion damage
Flow efficiency
3M ™ Scotchkote ™ two-component epoxy coating can serve as an internal lining of a gas pipeline:
Increase airflow and reduce sediment accumulation
Corrosion and withstand chemicals
Minimize application process solvent leak
A variety of simple, high-performance application 3M ™ corrosion tape for you to choose from, including:
PVC-based all-weather tape
Self-adhesive tape in the form of insulation plaster
Pipe primer for drying surface treatment
Pump and turbine coating
3M ™ Scotchkote ™ coating protects from damage caused by corrosive chemicals and liquids, wear and tear, mechanical and cavitation damage.
Pumps, impeller and pump casing
Turbines and reel
Valves, elbows, flanges and inlet / outlet
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