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Subsea corrosion

2014-12-29 03:11:59 1959

Erosion is mainly sand mix the water in parts of the surface of the equipment appeared to repeated impact of a class of wear. Why mention it? Now we are going to talk about the inextricably linked.
The times are ahead, social development, human vision is not limited to the land, they want more resources, broader territory. The ocean is the new target again human development, through the ocean tunnel, undersea drilling for oil, etc., To seek resources to make unremitting efforts.
Every coin has two sides, when we are in constant innovation high time to face the challenges of nature, many problems occur gradually, as above, ‘erosion is mainly sand mix the water in parts of the surface of the device appears to repeated impact a class of wear and tear’ Buried in the underwater pipeline, due to perennial erosion by water, gradually began to decline. Of course, we are more than that of the development of human civilization is characterized by the largest continuous innovation to solve the problem, in order to meet their own needs. It is in this issue stimulating, anti-corrosion coating began to catch on, glass bubble began to apply to these anti-corrosion coatings, glass bubble is precisely because of the addition, the anti-corrosion materials to better meet the needs of the contact surface is coated anti-corrosion materials. Can effectively reduce the corrosion rate, saving a lot of money, the greatest success is often no need to replace the pipe.
Glass bubble with its unique characteristics, it has excellent results  in various fields.