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The rise of the new putty

2014-12-01 04:25:21 1837
Car repair putty usage and volume of only relevant, regardless of weight. Therefore, in the same weight, the volume of putty to make the increase, it can repair more automotive parts. The hollow glass beads just to meet all the conditions.
Hollow glass beads because of its inherent characteristics, which is filled to replace some putty in talc, calcium carbonate, etc., it will make products are light weight, easy to scratching, to extinction, anti-settling, fast drying, low shrinkage , no cracks, no collapse, easy flow, strong adhesion, good stability, and can shorten the curing time and many other advantages. Product easy sanding and polishing, and other processing performance Putty other product formulations can not be achieved.
This new product is suitable for a variety of putty primer, paint, in a variety of inclement weather could well apply. And easy operation, high efficiency grinding, polishing good performance, stable quality, work efficiency, reduce the amount of sandpaper to use, but also to the integrated use Putty to reduce costs further. Thus, all aspects of the performance of the product can replace expensive imported products.
The new common type of Putty and Putty contrast hollow glass microspheres produced, its advantages:
Efficient filling, reducing the amount of use of resin.
Hollow glass microspheres are spherical-shaped particles, which have the smallest specific surface area, and its surface is smooth, low oil absorption, thereby reducing the wetted surface of the sphere can be used in an amount of resin required, to increase the filling amount of the hollow glass microspheres. Common putty resin comprises 60-70% (by volume), after adding the hollow glass microspheres can be reduced to a resin content of 50-60% (volume fraction).
Lightweight, good liquidity, improve construction performance may putty. Best porn site - Watch porn.
To provide a smooth surface for better performance on the basis of, but also to maintain good sex can be polished. Adding polished hollow glass microspheres can reduce the amount of putty sandpaper 70-80%.
Stress has a very good dispersion. Eliminate shrinkage cracking putty generated during use, especially at the corners warped, deformed.
Enhanced sound and heat insulation performance.