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Glass bead - deep sea materials

2014-11-28 03:50:51 2150
Technical diving is an important part of national security and marine resources development technology. In order to improve the net buoyancy dive with sufficient body drag, pressure resistance and structural stability diving and underwater robots, people started to develop light weight, high pressure solid buoyant material to replace the traditional ball pressure and buoyancy buoyancy tube. The solid material can increase payload submersible, reducing its dimensions, especially in the construction of deep-sea submersible, and can increase their flexibility and movement lie in safety and reliability.
In other countries, the use of hollow glass microspheres filled polymer synthesis deepwater buoyancy of high-strength material is already widely used. Applied on deep-sea submarine, not only can withstand high pressure in the deep sea, and in the basic condition for a long time does not absorb moisture. The buoyancy of domestic materials are generally polyurethane foam, epoxy foam or other foam plastic, compared with foreign equivalent materials, low cost, but its compressive strength is also low, soaking period of time, will lose buoyancy absorbent, reliable poor.
Therefore, the development of lightweight, high strength solid buoyant material can be applied not only to our national defense projects, but also to improve the comprehensive ability of China to develop sea.