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Glass beads of insulation mortar

2014-12-02 04:13:06 2218

Houses with insulation function, will no longer be a dream, as the insulation materials - glass beads of insulation mortar birth, building will begin a new journey. Value of its existence, how to reflect, from below and slowly begin to analyze.
Whether developed or developing economy, building energy consumption occupies a large proportion. According to statistics, 30% of the world's energy consumption in buildings, and the largest share of which is occupied by daily operations building energy consumption (mainly for heating, air conditioning, lighting, electrical and other energy sources). With the increasing industrialization in various countries and people's living standards, civil development, especially the development of residential buildings, the proportion of building energy consumption will increase. Looking for a good insulation material will be included in the work schedule of the top.
Just then, the glass beads of insulation mortar into people's sight, as a typical representative of inorganic insulation materials, along with the development of building energy efficiency technologies, thermal insulation glass beads of the rapid increase in the maintenance of the structure of the inner and outer insulation applications so that the development of vitrified beads of insulation mortar attracted widespread attention.
Studies have shown that the temperature and thermal stress distribution inside the wall almost linearly distributed, mutations occur in the primary wall insulation and contact areas, internal insulation to withstand the greater the temperature difference, the subject of temperature stress is almost zero. With external insulation and internal and external insulation system can significantly improve the durability of the building, and the durability of the system within the insulation system even better than no insulation, so the thermal insulation of the glass beads were inside the outer wall, the outer insulation, should be a priority selection of internal and external insulation systems, in general, external insulation system has been able to meet the energy requirements of the building and durability. Glass beads of thermal insulation can improve the durability of the main wall, can solve buildings existing "thermal bridge problem", but also has a small mortar, water absorption, low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties, non-toxic, good ventilation and class A fire and other characteristics, and therefore preferred wall insulation glass beads of thermal insulation.
Glass beads of insulation mortar advantage in comparison and analysis of them is very obvious, and therefore favored by many builders.