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Storage and Handling of Hollow glass microspheres

2019-08-26 16:41:39 1137

Our products are easy to transport and store. The high-performance hollow glass microspheres produced by our company can be packaged with plastic boxes or texture bags and it can be transported in bulk by various ways. Packaging weight depends on the density level of the hollow glass microspheres and the actual needs from ustomers.

In order to extend the storage time , it should avoid humid environment, and be stored in a cool and dry place. After opened, the bag should be firmly resealed. If the package is damaged during the process of shipment and storage, the damaged bag should be replaced by a new one in time.

Since hollow glass microspheres are ultra-fine powder with medium alkaline,it will stimulate the respiratory tracts,if the hollow glass microspheres exposure in air long time, So you should wear a qualified mask or respirator.

In addition: We will provide a separate package to introducing our products in details, and sufficient test samples for you.

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