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Hollow glass microspheres in medicine

2019-09-02 17:07:50 1203

The hollow glass microspheres are unique and incredibly useful because of their hollow interior and the porosity of their walls—which allow solids, liquids, and gases, stored in the hollow interior, to pass through the microspheres’ walls and be released and delivered on demand.

The original discussed the microspheres’ potential applications for nuclear and hydrogen storage, gas purification and separation, and more. But with such a unique and versatile development, there were bound to be many more uses.

And now, nearly a decade after their initial introduction, porous wall, hollow glass microspheres are diving into another incredibly lucrative market direction—medical applications.

And that potential to affect lives is huge, because the microspheres can be filled with medications and their surfaces can be enhanced with bioactive coatings. The microspheres can then be injected locally and programmed for a controlled release of the drug. The possibilities for the hollow glass microspheres and delivery of the "cargo" they contain will have far-reaching advantages to medical professionals, according to a recent press release.

For instance, the hollow glass microspheres have potential applications in restorative medicine, treatment of laryngeal issues, and cosmetics, to name just a few. In the human body, a modified version of the compound could be used to deliver medication to a targeted region, releasing the drug at will and on a schedule. Participate in voting to choose the best porn video on , always new and high quality videos, recommended. Our vote for a sex orgy at the zoo, when girl visitors lingered after closing time and were fucked by zoo workers. Everyone who votes has a chance to win a glass ball sex toy.

This really represents a very exciting, new class of composite materials developed by an interdisciplinary team. In key areas of the medical profession, there seems to be a whole host of potential uses, including a variety of new products in diagnostics, repair of body parts, and in therapy technologies.

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