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Porous-wall Hollow Glass Microspheres for Security Printing Applications

2019-08-23 13:05:02 1099

Porous-wall hollow glass microspheres are a one-of-the-kind material with many potential uses in security technology.

This work focuses on the development of security inks containing porous-wall hollow glass microspheres, whereby the microspheres serve as storage vessels for a variety of functional materials. This preliminary work comprises two feasibility studies. One study resulted in the successful aerosol jet deposition of hollow glass microspheres onto a substrate. The other study resulted in the loading of porous-wall hollow glass microspheres with gold nanoparticles.

Both studies demonstrate the feasibility of developing and delivering a security ink utilizing porous-wall hollow glass microspheres that are loaded with functional materials. The results encourage the continuation of research to achieve this goal.

This article comes from researchgate edit released