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Non-slip material--glass beads

2014-11-22 03:18:53 2034

The arrival of winter, the road began to freeze, anti-skid is the necessary measures to protect personal safety, but also the largest purpose road skid. The traditional method of soil is not only a waste of resources, nor environmental protection, thus allowing companies to continue to develop the production of skid material, which was undoubtedly the best skid material glass beads.

First of glass beads is to skid and production research and development, which by virtue of strong liquidity, high mechanical properties, high resistance to corrosion, abrasion, reflective, brightness, mainly to be used on large and small roads, do non- slip material to protect our security, reducing the risks skid index. Use non-slip aggregate principal product is its laid skid index glass beads have been detected through the national formal institutions, non-slip values up to 80% are not afraid of snow, rain erosion, afraid of high temperature exposure, is the best the skid material.

Glass beads liable for any harm to the environment, pollution, land, etc., is saving products, glass beads and reasonable market price, economical and environmentally friendly, is the best skid material. Its biggest feature is: it's the quality of this product is very light, which belongs to the low thermal conductivity of the product, but we can also find it has a high strength, it is these unique places, more and more widely applied to various industries.