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Detailing glass beads

2014-11-21 04:31:09 2054

Retro-reflective properties of glass beads with a refractive index of the glass has the following relationship: When √2 <n <1.93, the refractive index of glass beads as n increases, the closer to the optical axis of the reflected light, the smaller the angle of the cone, so return reflecting the better the performance. Generally believed that glass beads n = 1.93 or so due to the focus of the light falls within the microbead surface, obtained the best retroreflective performance.

Since the glass in the melting process, the glass tends to have a lot of internal defects such as bubbles, streaks and the like. The presence of these defects cause the glass to produce incident and reflected light greatly deviates, thus greatly reducing the retroreflective performance of the glass beads.

Reflective glass beads are manufactured new optical functional regression composite core components. Glass beads, high-performance adhesives and other components of composite film material, because of its excellent retro-reflective performance, and has good mechanical strength, chemical stability and electrical insulation and energy efficiency, is widely used in highway, railway , airports, ports, maritime transport, mines, tunnels, fire, construction and other fields as various reflective signs, but also widely used in advertising, film, multimedia computers and other products of the projection screen.