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Glass beads used in the artificial wood

2014-11-24 00:39:41 1804
Earlier mainly used to warm the house, and now with the economic development, told the house is not just the cold, but also pay attention to its external accessories. At the same time more and more decorative material is applied to housing construction, where the hollow glass microspheres its unique performance, access to many builders of all ages.
1. filled hollow beads artificial wood for making furniture parts, accessories and sculpture provides excellent quality assurance. Add different proportions of cenospheres in the original recipe, you can adjust the density of the product.
2. The hollow microspheres, oil absorption rate than ordinary fillers such as calcium carbonate much smaller, can significantly decrease the viscosity.
3. Compared with traditional mineral additives, cenospheres have better mobility, for the manufacture of large area thin sheet material cenospheres add more nails after processing, changing the traditional formula of widespread artificial wood after cracking phenomenon nails.
Mixed hollow microspheres: hollow beads filling amount is generally between 5% -20%. Cenospheres easily mixed with the resin is generally recommended at slower stirring speed in the final stages of adding hollow beads mixed. If you must use high-pressure pump, you must determine in advance whether the strength of cenospheres meet the requirements.
Note: Mixed mode cenospheres are also an important factor, it is strongly recommended to add cenospheres mixing speed should be less than 100 rev / min.