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How sorting hollow glass beads

2015-04-16 03:45:46 2135

At home and abroad choose carved hollow glass beads from fly ash can be divided into two methods. First, the use of dry mechanical sorting cenospheres; two is wet sorting hollow glass beads. Specifically using the method according to the actual situation.

In China, the use of sorting dry mechanical method, there is gravity separation Sieve Series sorting equipment hollow glass microspheres, can handle daily 30t ash. The sorting process includes a reference to the election cenospheres, and can choose the iron, the election of carbon, as well as a variety of hollow glass microspheres particle size classification.

Hollow glass beads sorting device consists of three main parts, namely sorting, splitters, collector.

Sorter is using gravity separation, sorting consists of three sizes settlement box. In the lower portion of each settling tank, are provided with discharge means, when the gas stream containing fly ash from the intake pipe into the settling tank, since the gas flow passage cross section is increased, the gas flow rate drops quickly, fly ash by itself the force of gravity. Part of the gradual drop in the settling tank, according to the principles and other lower, heavier coarse particles, honeycomb vitreous quartz, mullite, solid beads, iron beads and large particles of carbon particles were mostly settled in the sorter within . There are some small hollow glass beads, beads, etc. Superfine into the air separator.

By the action of the separator is in the gas stream during rotation of the centrifugal force on the particles in the inertia, so that particles are separated out from the gas stream. The main form of cyclone separator group, by sinking down box channel tiny hollow beads into the air separator, sorting through a two-stage cyclone group can most small cenospheres sorting out, the remaining very small amount of ultra-fine beads and finally with the air enters the collector.

Collector terminal sorting apparatus, it is both the purification apparatus is recovered ultrafine microbeads collector. Process uses a pulse bag collector, it is not selected by the separator down the majority of ultrafine beads collected.

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