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Preparation and application of glass beads

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Preparation of Glass Microspheres
Glass beads commonly used flame floating method, isolation method and blowing agent production. Where the blowing method is a molding method, generally using mineral raw materials for production. Flame floating method and release agent law is secondary molding method, usually recycled glass as raw materials to produce, more common in domestic applications.

Currently, hollow glass microspheres preparation there are three:
Powder method. Predetermined composition is first prepared a frit glass, pulverized, and then foamed at high temperatures.
Drop method. The solution containing the low-melting substance spray dried at a certain temperature.
Dry gel method. I.e. organic alkoxide as a raw material, first through the sol - gel process for preparing xerogel, and then pulverized, finally foamed at high temperatures. These three methods have some shortcomings, such as the powder method into a ball low productivity of small droplet method, the high cost of dry gel method.
In addition, the slurry atomization - Spray baking beads new technology synthesis of hollow glass microspheres. This method has the equipment is simple, easy to control the process operation, and low cost.

Practical application
(1) hollow glass microspheres in a liquid crystal display (LCD) spacer material in the application:
LCD in septum material is a hot research today at home and abroad, and this is one of the applications of glass beads are more promising.Currently, LCD septum material often used a variety of organic particles, there is also milled fiber, these materials are there different degrees of shortcomings. Glass beads have sufficient compressive strength, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent electrical insulating properties, and the impact on the distortion and super twisted behavior monitor the viscosity and fluidity of the body as well as liquid crystal polymer is small.Second, non-isotropic glass beads preferred orientation, but also with thermoplastic, thermoset polymers have good compatibility, can be a variety of compression molding process, is an ideal material.
(2) hollow glass microspheres used in plastics, rubber areas:
In the plastics industry, glass beads of an inorganic powder filler is developed in recent years, high filling capacity, it is filled with plastic processing excellent rheological properties contraction uniform, increased shock resistance and other advantages.Filled with glass beads for ultra high molecular weight polyethylene material, both as a process to improve the flow of solid lubricant, but also on the mechanical properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material is modified to increase its strength and wear and the like. National Academy of Sciences to study the fine glass beads Filled UHMWPE plastic performance.The results show that: the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene ultrafine beads by adding a small amount of long chain organic coupling agent surface-treated, heat-resistant properties of the material are significantly improved, enhanced tensile strength, good hardness, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composites to improve the heat resistance of the expansion of its applications has important practical significance. The Sex Factor channel page on Pricey molecular weight polyethylene - glass bead composite adapted to mining, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry and other sectors particulate material pipelines material, but also try to use this composite material made of hydrophobic insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof, fireproof composite silicate material.
In addition, the hollow glass microspheres are also widely used in artificial marble, synthetic wood, sound insulation, bowling, low density adhesives, sealants, lightweight resin crafts, mural wall picture frames, wall panels sandwich structure, Electronics Industry lightweight packaging materials, absorbing materials, lightweight concrete and other composite materials to reduce weight and has obvious noise insulation effect, so that products with good anti-cracking performance and re-processing performance.
Hollow glass beads reflective material is the main raw material preparation, also used in road traffic signage, transportation equipment. Hollow glass beads are still in aviation, aerospace, new high-speed trains, luxury yachts, deep-sea buoyancy material, thermal insulation coatings and other fields are widely used, and has played a unique role well.
Hollow glass beads or excellent performance of emulsion explosives for civil sensitizer, can significantly improve the performance of emulsion explosives detonate, to extend the storage period.
Hollow glass beads can also be used to increase the volume of putty, sanding improve performance, increase acid properties. Oil and gas exploration industry with its high compressive strength to produce high performance low density cement slurry density and low-density drilling.

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