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Hollow glass bubble used in the emulsion explosives

2015-01-04 03:51:57 2057
Refers to a class of emulsion explosives is an oil-in-water emulsion technology prepared (W / O) emulsion type aqueous industrial explosives. Emulsion explosives is supersaturated with oxygen-containing inorganic salt aqueous solution (oxidizing solution) and the water-immiscible compound of carbon and oxygen, the emulsification aid of an emulsifier, an oxidizing agent aqueous solution so that fine droplets uniformly dispersed in the hydrocarbon continuous medium consisting of, to form a water in oil type emulsion base, by physical or chemical means, emulsified matrix uniformly distributed large number of fine bubbles, when subjected to external energy effect, the sensitization of the bubble, leaving the dynamite exploded.
Emulsion explosives since the 1960s began to use it throughout the application, the manufacturer for the sensitized emulsion explosive form put a lot of manpower, material and conducted extensive research for the development of emulsion explosives accumulated some experience, Hegang Mining thirteen plants in perlite sensitized emulsion explosives on the basis of form, but also the development of sensitization in the form of hollow glass bubble, after a period of testing, use, and achieved good results.
Hollow glass bubble has the following advantages:
Crystalline stable, hollow glass bubble metallic glass products, generally do not react with acid and alkali.
Hollow sphere wall strength, ease of pressure, small in mixing drugs, charge during the crushing odds, give full play to the role of sensitization.
Bulk density of small, dispersed evenly in favor, glass bubble can be uniformly dispersed in water in oil emulsion explosive type systems.
Emulsion explosives are usually composed of inorganic oxidizer salt solution and the oil phase consisting of ammonium nitrate fuel components, generally does not contain elemental explosives, according to the theory of nuclear explosives detonated while hot, uniformly distributed in the class of explosives countless tiny bubbles will become explosive Searing point detonate when, that is adiabatic compression in the mechanical energy outside initiation impulse, mechanical energy is gradually transformed into heat energy, Tiny bubbles continue to be heating up, forming a series of temperatures up to 400 ~ 600 ℃ burning points within a very short period of time 10-3 ~10-5s and thus stimulate dynamite bombing.
In order to produce the explosive burning point, to obtain the necessary and adequate detonation sensitivity of explosive energy, was added in the mixing step of bubbles containing material. Density modifiers can do, but also play a role in sensitization, use perlite and glass bubble.
Selection of glass bubble, can guarantee the stability of emulsion explosive performance, and increase the shelf life of emulsion explosives.
Hollow glass bubble explosion can improve the performance of emulsion explosives, to improve the efficiency of the mining of the foundation.
Using hollow glass bubble, pay attention to the quality of raw materials, in particular, should be strictly controlled to detect density, crushing strength and other projects.
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