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Glass bubble of insulation mortar

2015-01-05 04:15:08 1939
20 years of the 21st century will be the heyday of China's construction industry, China's current annual construction rate 1.6 billion ~ 2 billion m2 in development. Energy is constantly developing leads to various departments increasingly focused on energy conservation. Therefore, along with the construction of energy-saving work being carried out step by step. Building energy saving wall includes four aspects, energy-saving windows and doors, roofing saving, energy saving ground. Energy-saving wall insulation is an important part of building energy efficiency. In order to be able to reach the highest peak of the wall insulation, the use of glass bubble of insulation dry-mix mortar as the implementation wall insulation materials, construction reflects its unique performance advantages.
Dry mortar with stable quality, efficiency improved, high-quality, full range, good construction performance and many other advantages, foreign countries have started to develop from the 1950s to the 1960s, the country began to emerge from the 1990s, has now been relevant state departments policy support.
Glass bubble is a special high-temperature process from production through spherical glassy mineral, is a lightweight insulating refractory inorganic material, which light density, thermal conductivity, while this kind of material with fire, heat, insulation and excellent performance. By glass bubble for aggregate and binder evenly mixed powder modified form of one- component dry mortar, with insulation, anti-aging, water-resistant, not hollowing, no cracking, high strength, good adhesion properties and many other features, but also has excellent insulation properties and anti-corrosion bite pests. Greatly enhanced and improved the overall performance and efficiency of construction insulation dry mortar.
In addition, glass bubble used in other fields at home and abroad has been promoted quickly, excellent light, heat insulation, water absorption and thermal insulation properties of small decisions that the product has a wide range of applications: instead of river sand for aggregate preparation interior and exterior insulation and masonry surface mortar, can be made of high-grade insulation decorative plates, can be used for lightweight refractory bricks, lightweight refractory material pouring, the main ingredient enamel material in the refractory industry, the use of glass bubble to replace ash cenospheres, the production of lightweight insulation refractory bricks and shaped casting material in the chemical industry, the use of glass bubble as dense regulator, replace perlite and other aspects in the smelting industry, have achieved good social and economic benefits.
Practice has proved that glass bubble is indeed a wide range of applications, high performance materials, today the promotion of energy, environmental protection era, we will seize this historic opportunity to grow in this field, for our development of new energy-saving contribute to the environmentally friendly materials.