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Hollow glass bubble used in Explosive

2014-12-31 03:29:43 2014
At present, more commonly used emulsion explosive density modifiers for a chemical blowing agent and expanded perlite, the disadvantage of the former is not easy to control the density of explosives, short storage period, and there aftereffect; the latter's disadvantage is its size dynamite vulnerable limiting the strength and oil resistance, low-explosive performance, short storage period.
To this end, researchers have been thinking methods, and how to avoid these drawbacks while retaining good, has reached the perfect state, the goal in introducing hollow glass bubble when it was realized. Join hollow glass bubble of emulsion explosives not only call the above shortcomings, but also greatly improves the performance of explosive detonation and significantly improves the storage stability. Its main feature is the use of hollow glass bubble of sensitization. hollow glass bubble with a low density, low thermal conductivity, low oil absorption, particle size and chemical composition of controllable superior performance, so it is time to emulsion explosives as sensitizer. It has less and detonation can significantly improve performance, increase storage stability characteristics.
All along, we have to focus on ships and aircraft, as well as some of the paint, but found in explosives sensitizers, hollow glass bubble is also a force in silence.