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Hollow glass beads to fill the gaps-Sinosteel Maanshan

2014-12-15 21:41:12 2040
Only through a high-powered electron microscope, you can see it's "true face." This is hugely magnified in "micro world", it looks like a small hollow capsules crystal clear glass ball. It is a unique structure of this tiny scales, creating its unique properties, making it a "mainstream of the 21st century, new composite materials," the eyes of many people. Its full name is called high-performance hollow glass microspheres, is Sinosteel Maanshan Institute of Mining Research Co., Ltd. introduced the CAS technology to carry out the results of industrialization, science and technology is one of masterpiece from Ma On Shan to the world.
Is so tiny beads, it is heaven into the sea are indispensable materials. It is the power of the, saying the difficult production is directly proportional. All along, the international community can provide full compliance with the technical requirements of the major manufacturers of hollow glass microspheres in the United States 3M, a virtual monopoly on all the high-performance hollow glass microspheres, domestic failure of other units studied, so we prefer to fill the domestic company this is a blank.
The beginning of the road is not smooth, but also walked a very difficult path of exploration. Our technology is imported from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at first just a laboratory technique, after several technical problems, and achieved many breakthroughs for industrial operation later laid a solid foundation. As we all know, research laboratories should bring industrial production of mature products is not an easy thing. Whether it is equipment, production process, or technical parameters must be developed through the test over and over again in order to gradually improve. Because of the hollow glass beads is a new industry, the country has not proven experience to draw reference, Xu Zhuanhua only with researchers from the expansion of the test, I started to try again. Hard work pays off, of course, we have made a breakthrough success.
In fact, the hospital is not the first mine started to develop hollow glass beads business, but the difference lies in the "high performance." "There are a lot of glass beads on the market today, but its quality and performance, there are gaps. For example, there is a bead which is actually floating beads, compared with our product density heavy, low intensity, and because it is not entirely artificial the performance is unstable. Although there is a man-made, but not on the field intensity is low use, in addition to the relatively high because of the alkaline melts easier. our products in density, strength closer to the ideal standard, but also because is an artificial product, the indicators can be controlled, the performance is very stable. "Xu Zhuanhua introduction.
Our aim is the world's leading-edge technology, the world's leading-edge products, we use the most advanced hollow glass microsphere material pioneered a new strategic service China, again the global launch of China's high-performance hollow glass beads products, let the world know China products as good. This is what we strive for the goal. In order to continue to stabilize, market development, our R & D team is still on the product for further development: Continue to improve products, improve product quality, efforts to extend the industrial chain, because "Innovation is endless."