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Arduous road of development

2014-12-11 04:30:01 1983
In the high-powered electron microscope, high-performance hollow glass microspheres appears to be a small hollow capsules crystal clear glass ball. Because of the unique structure of this tiny scales, hollow glass microspheres become a widely used recently developed, high-performance new lightweight materials.
God became small beads indispensable key material into the sea, naturally become the focus of attention. Now able to fully comply with the technical requirements of the international community to provide hollow glass beads manufacturer 3M Company, mainly the United States. But the United States for the export of raw materials hollow glass microspheres are strictly limited. Although some units costing tens of millions of domestic production and the introduction of foreign technology and equipment, trying to develop the production of hollow glass beads, but the lack of key technologies, so far in terms of quality performance of domestic beads, or different specifications, can not be compared with foreign products .
2008, Maanshan Steel Mining Institute in cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, began exploring innovative high-performance hollow glass microspheres. What happened was that only the appropriate research. However, laboratory studies should be used to make factory production of mature products easier said than done! Steel Horse mine hospital company formed glass beads, researchers do first expanded from the beginning of the test, trial and time again, you can not get out of the expansion of the experimental result, technology partners lost, leaving a "rest for you to solve it, "and walked away.
Question in the end is in place, to this point were studied. In order to succeed, in order without the help of the United States, we began the arduous journey. Recall that in 2010, when the mine hospital research among steel horse began selling glass bead products, 3M sales representative in China did not seriously considered, and other small plants produced beads products do not have any different, they can not form impact .
After a brief promotion, Ma Steel Mining Institute beads that customers get recognized. See an order for parts missing, 3M China Regional Sales sit still, they ordered a steel horse mine hospital glass beads products, product performance investigation, it was found that their levels of product performance and fairly complete. 3M decided to adjust the measures, the initiative came in the door repeatedly steel horse mine hospital beads company, first proposed the acquisition request, not later rejected, also proposed joint venture, buyout products. Face each other out of the favorable conditions in the steel horse mine hospital beads company decided to choose to say no. Deputy General Manager Xu Zhuanhua tell each other: "We can not let the Chinese enterprises on their own glass beads products, but also to let the world know that as good as Chinese products!" Beads on the price of the product never 3M Company, had to cut prices more than 10,000 yuan per ton to respond to market changes.
Price deal to show the world our success, weak domestic projects, as long as we try, but also beyond.