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A preliminary study on composite polyurethane foam

2014-12-03 04:25:25 2056
Currently wider application of reinforcing material mainly used in polyurethane foam and chopped glass fiber cloth. With glass fiber reinforced rigid polyurethane foam material, although the strength is greatly improved, but the density is also increased, but after the introduction of hollow glass beads, foam density is not increased. In addition, compared with the chopped glass fibers, hollow glass microspheres porosity and specific surface area is small, the stock solution was added to the rear, due to the small sphere adsorption resin, the viscosity of the stock solution is not increased, when the hollow glass microspheres with polyethers mass ratio of 50: 100, its viscosity is only 2Pas, which for molding complex products is very favorable, to ensure that the material is full of mold cavity.
Hollow glass microspheres price and sources and other issues affecting the research and application of this type of composite foam. In recent years, with the localization of hollow glass microspheres, hollow glass microspheres as filler in composite foam has become a hot research. However, these studies only limited mixing hollow glass microspheres in a thermoplastic resin, thereby forming a porous plastic having a single cell structure.