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Four elements buy glass bubble

2015-03-19 05:25:07 1868

 Glass bubble very versatile, pavement marking used on reflective glass bubble, glass bubble shot blasting, polishing glass bubble, glass bubble medical equipment, electronic components with glass bubble, reflecting on the article need to use glass bubble. With the development of science and technology of glass bubble applications continue to broaden, and its market demand will also increase.

1. Transparency
    Buy glass bubble products, the first point of view, the higher the transparency of glass bubble, beads more transparent proof of reflectivity from intuitive. Four elements buy glass bubble.

2. Circularity
    glass bubble round rate should be between seventy percent to 90 percent in order to meet this national standard.

3. Cleanliness
    glass bubble higher reflectivity better cleanliness, cleanliness bad glass bubble, often contain impurities seriously affect the product quality and price.

4. Glass raw materials
    Production of raw materials, glass bubble, usually by crushing all kinds of glass products or glass sheet, and then made the screening process. These glass raw material directly affects the final glass bead product properties and uses. Like bottles made of glass bubble, relatively soft generally used on the road; flat glass used in the road will be more; like sand blasting glass bubble is best made with crushed glass, Because it is relatively hard substance, not fragile at the time grinding.
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