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Characteristics and applications of hollow glass microspheres

2015-04-14 05:16:33 1985

Characteristics of hollow glass microspheres

Light weight; bulky

Hollow glass microspheres density of about one dozen points of traditional filler particle density, after filling can greatly reduce the weight of the base product, alternative and save more resin production, reduce product cost.
Has organically modified (lipophilic) surface
Hollow glass beads wetting and dispersing readily be filled in the most thermosetting thermoplastic resin, such as polyester, epoxy, polyurethane and the like.
High dispersion, mobility
Since the hollow glass microspheres are tiny balls, the liquid resin than the sheet-like,acicular or irregular-shaped filler even with good fluidity, so that excellent filling performance. More importantly, such a small bead is isotropic, it does not produce a result-oriented in different parts of the shrinkage caused by inconsistent ills, ensure that the product is dimensionally stable and will not warp.
Insulation, sound insulation, insulation, low water absorption
Internal hollow glass microspheres is rarefied gas, so it has the characteristics of noise,heat, and is used as a variety of insulation, excellent sound insulation filler products.Thermal insulation properties of hollow glass microspheres can be used to protect the product is subjected to alternating between heat and quench emergency conditions caused by thermal shock. Higher specific resistance, low water absorption so that it can be widely used in processing the cable insulation.
Low oil absorption
Spherical particles determines the minimum specific surface area and low oil absorption,use of the process can significantly reduce the amount of resin, even under the premise of a high added amount of the viscosity is not increased much, greatly improved the production operating conditions, production efficiency increased by 10% to 20%.
Applications hollow glass microspheres
Widely used in glass and steel products, composite foam, artificial marble, synthetic wood,sound insulation materials, putty, deep-sea buoyancy material, bowling, low density adhesives,sealants, lightweight resin crafts, mural wall picture frames, wall panels sandwich structure,electronic light industrial packaging materials, absorbing materials, lightweight concrete,emulsion explosives.