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Uniforms with reflective material - glass microspheres

2015-03-14 01:43:43 1925
Reflective material is a non-self-luminous material high degree of recognition, it is widely used in traffic safety, uniforms, protective clothing and other fields, is to improve the identification of the wearer to wear (especially at night to identify degrees), to enhance the security of an important guarantee . As early as 1950, Chinese-American scientist Dr. Dong Qifang will develop an efficient reflective material - directional glass microspheres, tiny glass microspheres that can be attached to the base material made of reflective sheeting, reflective film which is the first one kind is the practical application of reflective products. As technology advances, 1968, micro-prism retroreflective material (ie, high gloss crystal lattice) successfully developed, marking the reflective material has entered a new, efficient and durable new stage.
Reflective Sheeting 3M product was first developed by the US company's success, its high technology content, especially high-gloss lattice reflective film, to present only the United States, Japan, China, Korea and a few other countries can produce. Research and development of reflective material can be traced to the 1970s, Yang Yonggang school teacher at China Institute of Metrology, the structural principles of retroreflective film properties, optical characteristics, performance testing and other technical literature introduced to the country, followed by a number of research institutes, college Schools have been put on the reflective film series product research and development. By the late 1990s, glass microspheres and reflective film in China has matured, but the high gloss reflective film lattice type so far is still in its infancy.
Reflective material discussed herein called the "inverse reflection reflective material." Its principle is no matter what angle the light illuminating the material surface, the light source can receive the reflected light of the material. "Retroreflective" reflective mechanism and the reflection of light as we know there is a big difference. There are two general light reflections: is illuminated rough surfaces will reflect light in all directions; smooth surface is illuminated object will be at an angle to the incident light and reflected light, and "retroreflective" is whether the light In what angle radiation reflective surfaces, reflective surface can direct the light reflected back to the light source. In practical applications, especially in the field of security, the retroreflective performance have high practical value. For example, high retroreflective safety clothing made of reflective material can guarantee the safety of personnel at night. Under conditions of low visibility at night or in poor light snow and fog, etc., if the car in front suddenly pedestrians when the car lights shining on pedestrian safety clothing, reflective material is immediately reflected back to the original way the light source, namely The driver's field of vision, so that pedestrians become eye-catching, easy to determine the driver to ensure the safety of both sides, thus greatly reducing the traffic hazards. Retroreflective appear reflective material smoothly solve the driver and pedestrian to "see" and "to be seen," the night driving, which is widely used in the field of security.