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Advantage of high performance glass beads

2014-12-04 03:22:07 1894
With the development of oil fields, exploration and development are often faced with the difficult, deeply buried target layer, formation pressure is low, then use more UBD. Because of this, the requirements for drilling the more open higher. In order to reduce leakage and reservoir protection and timely detection of oil and gas reservoirs, drilling fluid density required is less than 1.0g / cm3. The use of gas-based drilling fluids, foam drilling, oil-in-water emulsion drilling fluid, oil-based drilling fluid is very easy to implement, but there are many shortcomings and difficulties regulating drilling performance itself, rheology and hydraulics and complex practical problems difficult to solve.
In underbalanced drilling applications, high-performance glass beads has many advantages. Adding glass beads drilling fluid density was significantly decreased, and the greater the dosage, the lower the density of the drilling fluid, when the content of T60 glass beads is 40%, the density of the drilling fluid down to 0.870g / cm3. Thus, its biggest advantage is that it can be adjusted within a certain range of drilling fluid density. Even if the high-pressure high fever, fluid density is relatively stable, which is due to T60 glass beads with a low density, high strength characteristics of the decision.
Due to their good thermal stability beads, and does not react with any acid (except hydrofluoric acid) other than the acid, and therefore a stable performance with a drilling fluid is preferably glass beads.
High-performance hollow glass microspheres lubricates the drilling fluid. It spherical structure, smooth surface, good flow properties. Use it as a drilling fluid additives, may play a role similar to a ball bearing, to a large extent reduce the frictional resistance of the drilling fluid to drill, drill the drill quickly improve ROP and reduce bit wear.
It is because of these advantages, making high-performance hollow glass microspheres more widely applied to cementing, and completed a remarkable variety of tasks.