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Applications materials reflective glass bubble

2015-01-20 02:01:22 1943

Anti-glass bubble as a new material, began to spread in the production of life, its main application areas in which it, look at the following insulation materials are introduced.
Roads are mainly used at room temperature type and hot melt road marking paint. Two sub-surface scattering premixed and premixed glass bubble can be mixed in the production of hot melt road paint in the paint, you can ensure that road markings within the lifetime of the long-term reflection. Another type of road marking construction when spreading on the surface markings play reflective effect immediately. After coating the surface treatment of glass bubble in the road marking construction use, can greatly improve the adhesion of glass bubble and hot melt marking, increase the refractive index of road marking and self-cleaning, dirt, moisture and other uses. Glass beads for road improvements rebellious body paint pavement performance, improve driver safety driving at night. Road with reflective glass bubble divided into three types: 1.When used as a hot melt at room temperature and do standard construction surface spreading, timely reflection of the role; 2.As the premixed material in the production of hot melt road paint in the coating premix, can ensure marking in the lifetime of the long-term reflective; 3.In the face of such glass beads at room temperature is preferable to solvent-based coatings marking sprinkle glass bubble.
Glass bubble blasting and additives for industrial action on the metal surface and can mold surface, neither damage to the workpiece surface, but also improves the accuracy of the workpiece. Hardware for metal, plastic, jewelry, precision casting and other objects of cleaning and polishing. High-end finishing materials commonly used at home and abroad.
Glass bubble are still in various fields of medical devices and nylon, rubber, plastics, aerospace, etc., as a new type of material is widely used. Such as filling additives, enhancers and so on.
Crafts special glass bubble, glass sand, and colored glass bubble, apparel printing, clothing heat transfer, surface decoration of Christmas trees, artificial fruit, artificial flowers, handicrafts surface decoration, the ideal material for manufacturing hourglass quicksand.
High refractive index glass bubble are reflective fabric, reflective coatings, chemical coatings, advertising materials, clothing materials, reflective film, reflective fabric, reflective signs marking, airport runway, shoes, hats, bags, land and air rescue supplies, nocturnal personnel wearing and other necessary materials products.
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