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Road with reflective glass bubble

2015-01-19 10:54:20 1916
Glass beads are fired through the glass sand. Glass beads can be divided according to the size of the glass bubble (glass bubble is a glass bead, referring to a particle size of 1mm or less solid sphere) and glass beads. By applications can be divided into reflective glass beads, sand blasting with glass beads, glass polishing beads, filled with glass beads. Reflective glass beads which can be divided into safety classes reflective glass beads and silver screen with glass beads; by the refractive index to points, can be divided into ordinary refractive index and high refractive index glass beads. Usually a refractive index of between 1.5-1.64, a high refractive index is generally 1.8-2.2. If, as is most appropriate to use reflective glass beads refractive index of 1.93, the refractive index can be perfectly parallel rays refracted back, so it is not the best reflection refractive index higher. According to the shape of points can be divided into rules and irregular glass beads glass beads. Divided by color can be divided into a colorless, transparent colored glass beads and glass beads.
Road reflective glass beads is a glass sand (cullet) is a small glass beads at high temperature after melting the raw material is formed, observed under the microscope as a spherical shape, a colorless, transparent, a refractive index between 1.50-1.64, diameter of generally between 75μm to 1400μm. It is also called reflex with glass bubble. At present, the domestic production of major road reflective glass beads craft floating law and electric flame fusion method. Road reflective glass bubble as road markings (paint) the reflective material to improve road marking paint Retroreflective performance, improve traffic safety at night, has to be determined for national transport sector. When driving at night, the lights shone on road signs line with glass beads, can lights light reflected back again in parallel, so that drivers see the way forward to improve traffic safety at night. Now, reflective glass bubble has become a road safety products, reflective material can not be replaced.
Road with reflective glass bubble, mainly used in normal temperature type, hot melt road marking paint, a material as a premixed, marking ensures long lifetime in the reflection; a surface-spreading when marking construction can instant play reflective effect.
Coated glass bubble is divided into two, one as reflective highway, another as a screen with reflections. Coated glass bubble is the use of a high performance organic material on glass bubble were outside treatment, making glass bubble surface adsorption of dust in the air blunts. Since the coated beads containing a specific coupling agent, to improve the adhesion of the coating bead and prevent some small glass bubble deposited coating. Because of its functions can be floating, floating on the surface of the coating when used, it has the largest surface area can be increased by more than 30% utilization. Glass bubble superior performance after coating treatment. Rain is often foggy in a humid environment, with better reflection function.