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Glass bubble used in rubber

2015-01-21 04:18:22 1990
In the plastics industry, glass bubble development in recent years is an inorganic powder filler, high filling capacity, it is filled with plastic has excellent rheological processing properties, uniform shrinkage, increase the impact resistance and other advantages.
Glass bubble padding material for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, both as a process to improve the flow of solid lubricant, but also on the mechanical properties of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material is modified to increase its strength and wear resistance and so on. Xie Xiaofang and other studies of ultrafine glass bubble filled with modified UHMWPE plastic performance. The results show that: the ultra high molecular weight polyethylene ultrafine glass bubble by adding a small amount of long chain organic coupling agent surface treatment, thermal properties of the materials are difficult to significantly improve the tensile strength enhanced, good hardness. The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene to improve the heat resistance of the composite to expand its field of application has important practical significance.UHMWPE -glass bubble composite materials are suitable for mining, electricity, metallurgy, chemical industry and other sectors particulate material pipelines material, but also try to use this composite material made of hydrophobic insulation, thermal insulation, waterproof, fireproof composite silicate material.
MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Tensile strength plus a glass bubble 6, impact strength, hardness is improved, and prevent material from aging caused by light and heat. With the increase of the content of the glass bubble, Martin heat resistant temperature of the material is improved. Glass bubble rubber is a good pressure, wideband sound-absorbing material, with a target body composed it has many practical advantages: easy to manufacture zero buoyancy target body, and therefore suitable for the production target towing, good flexibility allows the target body is easy to roll fold and unfold like.