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Prospect of hollow glass microspheres in the insulation coating

2014-11-18 03:46:28 2288

Glass beads have the smallest specific surface area and a low oil absorption, can greatly reduce the amount of the coating produced using the various other ingredients. Vitrified glass bead surface quality and more resistant to chemical corrosion, light reflection effect. Therefore, paints and coatings have anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, anti-scratch and anti-yellowing effect. Closely spaced hollow glass microspheres containing rarefied gas inside its low thermal conductivity, so the paint coating has a very good thermal insulation effect.

Hollow glass microspheres can effectively enhance the flow of the coating, leveling. Hollow glass microspheres containing gas inside has good resistance to hot and cold shrinkage, thereby enhancing the elasticity of the coating, the coating greatly reduced due to thermal expansion and contraction caused by cracking and falling off. Under the premise of the high filler content, did not significantly increase the viscosity of the coating, thus reducing the amount of solvent used, the coating can be reduced emissions of toxic gases during use, effectively reduce the VOC indicator.

Suggested Use: General dosage recommendations for the full weight of 8-20 add the following method: added last.

The hollow glass microspheres into the final addition, the use of low-speed, low shear mixing equipment dispersed as spherical beads mobility, between the friction is not large, so it is easy to disperse, a short time you can completely wet , slightly extended mixing time can achieve uniform dispersion.

Hollow glass beads chemically inert, non-toxic, but because of a very light, so the added need special attention. We recommend stepwise addition method, which is added to the amount of each remaining 1/2 beads gradually added, this can be good to avoid beads float into the air and dispersed more complete.