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Glass bead absolute superiority in optics

2014-11-19 04:22:01 2069
Warning signs in any light conditions are able to have a good visual effect, is a road sign every designer's wish. The emergence and use of glass beads in practical applications satisfactory harvest decoration and optical effects, the more people are increasingly recognized and accepted and gradually widely.
Borosilicate glass beads as the raw material is processed through a high-tech inorganic non-metallic materials. This material on the physical and chemical properties have good performance. Particularly significant effect on the optical properties, making the process of carrying out road construction, for visibility and require a relatively high degree of eye-catching zebra, Jinting lines, double yellow lines and traffic signs design and process often will using glass beads as the material of one of the main applications. Because based on silicon borate for raw materials, finished in the performance of both the response capacity of glass to light. And because the three-dimensional shape is spherical appearance of the structure as the main mode, wide angle of acceptance and ability to become a kind of reflection of light can be easily achieved. Because of this, it is the main road to the optical structure materials, is the consensus of every designer and construction materials were after the trial concluded. This is why in road building modern structures in the process will see this particulate product, after completion of the trial on the road often at night to have a high visual quality, which for traffic safety and road traffic conditions have a negligible aid Yi. In addition, as an inorganic non-metallic materials, such three-dimensional spherical appearance-based structure has a high mobility, dispersed in heavy use in the course of construction, laying effort to achieve the desired effect saving.
Therefore, the glass beads in the road construction industry is promoting the use of large-scale, with excellent results in the advantage of the optical guide all aspects of application performance have a high fit of the improvement, making it increasingly become Required road project application materials.