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Why choose high performance hollow glass beads?

2014-11-13 03:47:48 1881

Improving liquidity: hollow glass microspheres are tiny spheres, spherical and large, with ball-bearing effect can improve the liquidity, reduces the viscosity of the resin mixture and internal stress. Therefore, processing of composite dynamic heat less, can prevent insufficient lubrication and the local thermal decomposition, injection molding easier to make, not only reducing product defects, and increases production efficiency by 15%-20%.

Resin with high replacement rate: hollow glass microspheres with minimal surface area and low oil absorption rate, it has a good dispersion in the mixture, can easily be pressed and fusion, so it has very high filling properties, can greatly reduce the amount of resins used, increasing the amount of filler reduces VOC targets, while reducing costs.

Reduce product shrinkage and surface tilt: hollow glass bead-isotropically and characteristic of high fill volume, enables the product to very high dimensional stability, reduces shrinkage and warping. When you fill the proper proportions, the toughness of the product significantly improved, significantly improved impact resistance, surface hardness enhancement.

Volume cost more economical: high-performance resin density density hollow glass micro-beads is only a fraction of that, just use a small amount of hollow glass microspheres could replace heavier materials. When considering the cost per unit volume, rather than weight of unit costs, high performance hollow glass microspheres can significantly reduce costs.

Adjusting product density: the density hollow glass micro-beads are usually in 0.20~0.60g/cm3 and mineral density generally around 2.7~4.4 g/cm3 (we use real data must be a particle density). In order to receive an equal volume, you must use talcum powder to get 1 kilograms of 14 kilograms or more of effect of hollow glass microspheres. So we added a different proportion of hollow glass beads the ideal density will be able to get what you want.