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Product properties of glass bead

2014-11-14 04:12:07 1974

1. Both hard and soft: made of high quality materials production, that a certain mechanical strength, sio2 content of not less than 68%, up to 6-7 Mohs hardness, but also flexible enough to be reused several times, not broken, by spray device the same effect, than ordinary glass beads long life more than three times.

2. Uniformity is good: round rate greater than or equal to 80%, uniform size, so after spraying sand around the device to maintain a uniform brightness factor, not easy to leave a watermark.

3. Irreplaceable: In addition to the metal abrasive materials, longer than any other medium use is made of non-alkaline soda lime glass material having a good chemical stability, and does not contaminate the processing of metals, can accelerate the cleaning, while maintaining the original objects machining accuracy.

4. Smooth and free of impurities: the appearance of spherical particles, no impurities; the surface is smooth, with a good finish, to meet international and domestic standard.