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Glass bubble: to promote economic development

2011-06-14 07:34:10 1808

December 24, located in the city zone of the mine hospital glass bubble produced in the workshop, the machine in the "singing merrily." After the chemical reaction of the complex and careful process, and a white powder-like products have "come out", then "ready to go", was sent to all over the country paint, paint, plastics and other enterprises.

"After a year of construction, annual production capacity of 15,000 tons ore hospital performance hollow glass microspheres project progressed very quickly, of which 5000 tons of glass bubble products, a project started construction in late 2008, the current infrastructure and equipment installation has been completed, the production line to pre-production stage, the first batch of beads has been tested to meet the design requirements of product standards and performance requirements of similar products abroad, will turn into full production phase. "mineral glass bubble hospital, deputy general manager Xu Chuanhua said happily," previously, only a few U.S. companies to produce such materials I have produced this product, not only to fill the gap, and to adapt to trends in domestic energy saving. "