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With glass bubble of glass fiber products

2011-07-14 20:55:15 2054
Germany PD group GSOLightFibre ® glass fiber is glass bubble or hollow glass microspheres with woven glass fiber cloth, which is glass fiber reinforced polyester and epoxy resin products (sandwich structure) of the ideal core layer material.

Owens Corning's U.S. non-woven production technology division of Coretex ™ products are glass bubble filled with wet carpet. Coretex ™ uniformly dispersed by a single Advantex ® glass fibers, the thickness of 0.7 ~ 4mm, filler content of 30 to 60% (volume fraction). Coretex ™ can be used in whole or in sandwich structures, in particular, is a continuous process in the system board, save weight and reduce the amount of resin products. Coretex ™ product binder insoluble in most common among the composite resins.