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What are hollow glass microspheres used for?

2021-11-09 16:36:18 595

Application areas of using hollow glass microspheres:

Bowling balls, cast polyester, cast synthetic foam, caulk, explosives, polyester putty, sealants, shallow water pipe insulation, potting compounds, tooling boards, spackling compound, SMC/ BMC, Deep sea pipe insulation, Golf Balls, RIM, Pultrusion, sprayable PVC Plastisol sealer, Sprayable syntactic foam, spray-up/lay-up, and Thermoplastics masterbatches.

The hollow glass microspheres are extremely versatile and are used as additives in an astonishing variety of products. For example, they reduce the density of body fillers to weight of plastic parts to underwater deep pipe insulation.

In Indian automotive industry using hollow glass microsphere could be an added advantage in plastic parts of the car. These tiny bubbles help reduce vehicle weight – improving fuel efficiency, so its all about fuel efficient car.

The hollow glass microspheres can be formulated into quick-drying, low-shrinkage, spackling and other construction materials. And they provide a wide range of additional benefits in applications ranging from sporting goods to solar reflective paint.

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