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12 Essential Properties Of Hollow Glass Microspheres

2021-10-18 15:07:54 712

Hollow glass microspheres are engineered materials that are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. Hollow glass microspheres are not all created equal and functional properties of hollow glass microspheres need to be carefully considered when choosing the right hollow glass microsphere for the specific project.

The properties of hollow glass microspheres that are often considered in product selection are specific gravity (true particle density), particle size (diameter) and particle size distribution, melting point (temperature tolerance), solvent resistance, durability, crush strength (pressure and shear tolerance), color (reflective, fluorescent, or phosphorescent response), optical properties (reflective index or retroreflection), conductivity, bio-compatibility, safety, surface properties (porosity, roughness, hydrophobic vs. hydrophilic surface, ability to coat or functionalize the spheres) among many other properties.

Detailed knowledge of the application, the technical judgment of scientists and engineers working on a project, and sometimes a simple trial-and-error approach, are often used to select the appropriate properties of hollow glass microspheres for the application.

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