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Trend floating body material

2014-12-08 22:27:41 1821
With high-performance hollow glass microspheres bullish trend all the way, and its function is fully utilized, the earlier description of the deep sea have been material, in this paper, based on a detailed description of its unique properties.
Floating material is an important part of marine resources development technology. Conventional buoyant material commonly used polyurethane foam, epoxy foam, or other foam plastic, although low cost, but low compressive strength, after immersion in water for some time, will lose buoyancy absorbent, use poor reliability. Precisely because of the importance of the floating material, the traditional methods can not meet the development of the moment, and if you want to take the development of marine resources, the development of advanced technologies to be, an important part of the moment they start from, find the key points, overcome them, greet to be successful.
In order to improve the dive with sufficient buoyancy net drag body, submersible pressure resistance, structural stability. People started to develop lightweight, high strength materials to replace the traditional solid buoyancy buoyancy materials used for deep-sea exploration and exploitation, and its advantage is no doubt, and that is a key factor to achieve these high performance hollow glass microspheres. Our company -Sinosteel Maanshan New Material Technology Co, Ltd also follow the trend, began to focus on high-performance hollow glass beads, but promised to provide quality products.
At present, the use of high-performance hollow glass microspheres filled polymer synthesis of high-strength buoyancy material is already deep into the public view. It is based on epoxy resin matrix, filling a certain amount of high-performance hollow glass microspheres and other additives, such as lightweight composite materials buoyancy. Reflecting the light in the deep sea oil and gas exploration and operations, seawater corrosion, dimensional stability, high strength, good thermal insulation properties, and many other advantages. Its momentum can not be underestimated.