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Application of deep-sea pipeline

2014-12-09 04:15:53 2240
Submarine pipeline through a closed pipeline on the seabed is continuously fed a lot of oil (gas) pipeline, a major component of offshore oil (gas) field development and production system, is currently the fastest, safest and most economical and reliable offshore oil and gas transportation the way.
Why did you choose this mode of transport it, in many ways after attempt. Continuous delivery, almost independent of the influence of environmental conditions is its biggest advantage. Offshore oil storage facility capacity will not be restricted or shuttle tankers pick untimely cut or stop forcing oil, so high oil efficiency, large tanker capacity. In addition, the laying of submarine pipelines short duration, production fast, easy to manage, low operating costs.
A coin has two sides. Pipeline in the sea, they need most are buried in the soil to a depth subsea, inspection and maintenance difficulties, some pipe in the tidal range or wave breaking zone (especially the riser), by the waves, tide, ice greater impact may sometimes be hit or destroyed anchored floating in the sea and ships. At this point, the advantages of high-performance hollow glass microspheres have reflected, painted black with the traditional insulation materials to achieve the effect is not the same, it changed its limitations from nature. It's widely used, so that to reduce to reduce the thermal conductivity and deepwater oil and gas recovery is feasible. With the deep undersea oil pipelines require to develop deeper and more geographic requirements increase. When depth and pressure environment, often filled with glass beads applied foam insulation, which makes the deep 50km long pipeline can be extended or farther underwater. Мостбет старается создать для своих гостей самые комфортные условия. мостбет Условия для отыгрыша конечно непростые, так как ординар с коэффициентом 3 не так легко поймать
In related news, filled with a thermal conductivity value u deep pipeline of high-performance glass beads less than 2w / mK. The glass beads own thermal conductivity is very low, between 0.0512 ~ 0.0934 w / m • k adjustment. Just know the required local geography and operating environment u value, so you can control the amount of heat loss at different temperatures transmission fluid transfer from the seabed to the surface. Moreover, this deep-sea pipeline of other excellent performance has been fully reflected in the floating body material.