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Road signs, lines, reflective license plate good

2015-01-14 04:42:37 1767
Reflective coatings is to use micro-prism crystals return reflection principle, in other distant light source can produce a strong reflective effect and reflected back to the light-emitting point, no external power supply, reached in the dark as light effect. Car license plate and road signs after using high refractive index glass beads as the latter half of the surface of the aluminum reflector, with a strong reverse retroreflective performance, 85% of the light can be directly reflected back to the light source, resulting retroreflective reflective brightness, make the night or vision of the driver and with a light case of poor clearly see pedestrians or obstacles to the goal, to ensure that both safety.
Reflective principle vehicle license is usually said retroreflective, traffic markings on the road, Chi warning signs is the same type of product, it is through the built-in glass bubble (also bare type) to achieve. According to the reflection intensity is generally divided into several categories: high-strength grade, license plate grade, engineering grade and advertising level.
Many of these signs are made with reflective paint. These coatings are used in the reflective film.
Reflective film products is a versatile new optical material. It is based on a thin lens imaging principle, the glass bubble uniform monolayers embedded in an organic resin as optical components, resin multilayer laminated foil. With its production of reflective signs can return to the original route reflection of the incident light, the reflective brightness brighter than ordinary paints signs of tens to hundreds of times. Our products are widely used in highway, railway, port and shipping, airports, mining, fire, vehicle licenses, environmental protection, advertising and other production reflective signs, signs. Use of the product, make people see the sign outside at night a few hundred meters, greatly increase the ability to identify people at night to mark, to the role of enhanced security awareness and advocacy. The product is the recent advent of high-tech products, then was widely used, this product is now produced everywhere reflective signage, has been closely related to people's production and life, the application of the product is the progress of human civilization, but also a sign.
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