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Glass bubble original divergence angle of the reflective screen test

2015-01-15 01:55:03 1791
In experiments with mineral oil and water as the medium conditions, using high-speed cameras on the high-voltage AC electric field of oil droplets in the spray phenomena observed; using high-speed cameras to the reflective screen glass bubble original laser beam is reflected back in parchment paper on-screen image of the laser spot; synchronize shooting under various high-speed camera with dual-wire spacing current signal voltage signal, the arc behavior, droplet transition process and weld surface forming the difference.
Zhao xuefeng, who used mineral oil and water for the experimental media, the use of high-speed camera system for microscopic high-voltage AC electric oil droplet ejection phenomena studied. Injection time droplets with droplet diameter increases and increased oil viscosity increases, the viscosity of the oil is low, the longer the lower the frequency the droplet ejection time; injection amount increases the droplet diameter increases.
Zhao donge, in order to test a glass bubble retroreflector screen divergent angle, high-speed camera glass bubble retroreflector screen reflected laser beam on the imaging screen vellum laser spot, spot image processing, according to certain geometric ratio between the calculated angle of divergence angle to the original reflective screen, which is in the range of 0.907 ° ~ 0.956 °.
Yang lijun, who used the laser multi-information fusion technology - double pulsed arc hybrid welding current signals, voltage signals, high-speed cameras at various twin wire spacing synchronized acquisition of Double wire spacing behavior of arc welding process, the droplet transfer influence the process and weld appearance, and the algorithm based on chaos theory and, from the perspective of nonlinear laser - current signal double wire pulsed MIG welding process was the largest Lyapunov exponent (LE) calculations.
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