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Reinforced foam, hollowglass microsphere is a good helper

2015-03-03 21:03:44 1856
Foam is a kind of resin as the main internal cell contains many tiny plastic products. Compared with the pure plastic, it has many excellent properties such as light weight, high strength, absorb shock load capacity, good thermal and acoustic insulation properties, as lightweight structural materials have applications in many fields, such as daily life The mattresses, televisions and refrigerators cushioning packaging, insulation material housing and automobiles, aircraft insulation, sound insulation boards; at the same time, but also for the production of the radome, energy-absorbing materials, and some in rockets, satellites used on high temperature materials. Foam rapid development, there are polyurethane foam, epoxy foam, polystyrene foam and polypropylene foam products. Although research foam longer, but because of the mechanical properties of the foam can cause decreased, and therefore need to be further enhanced, so that it can be applied to more areas.
Hollow glass microspheres are a versatile developed in recent years, high-performance new lightweight inorganic non-metallic materials, its main ingredient is a borosilicate particle size of 10 ~ 250μm, for 1 ~ 2μm thick-walled hollow sphere. Its light weight, good chemical stability and thermal stability performance, sound and electrical insulation advantages. Compared with other inorganic fillers (such as inorganic oxide, nano calcium carbonate, etc.), hollow glass microsphere as a filler material is unique in that it is spherical and smooth surface type, and has low porosity ideal filler beads body absorbs less resin and many other advantages, even higher loadings, viscosity and fluidity of the matrix of small, non-existent, like adding an irregular shape or pellets with angular stress concentration. Thereby reducing the mechanical properties of the composite phenomenon. Use of hollow glass microsphere reinforced foam material, the density of the product can be reduced, improving the absorbent material, to improve its compressive strength and impact strength, the application surface of the article is wider.
Hollow glass microspheres for inorganic filler, poor compatibility with organic polymers. If added directly to the polymer, the interaction is weak, the interface between the two phases combined effect is small, not only can not improve the mechanical properties of the material, but there may be a stress concentration points, greatly weakened untreated material properties. Thus, prior to use in reinforcing foam, the need for surface modification of fillers, to improve its physical and chemical properties of the surface to enhance its compatibility with the polymer and dispersed in the polymer, and improve the mechanical strength of the material and overall performance.