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Protection of cultural relics

2014-12-19 03:42:46 1911
Rapid economic development, promote the rise of tourism has been before we think of high-end luxury tourism has become a major pastime of ordinary people holiday entertainment. Tourism can not only reverse spur economic growth, while pleasant mood, a trip return will be able to start again, either in life or work, can be full of confidence to deal with, but things are not so bright a lot of tourists out to play for the first time, saw the beautiful things, always wanted to leave something, so a variety of artifacts graffiti began, but such behavior on the local tourism bureau is undoubtedly the most troublesome, they have spend time, energy, manpower to solve these things, but in the eyes of others also seem very civilized thing, a beautiful home filled with antiquities rude passengers leaving traces, the mood of the other tourists also cause little impact , but also affect the appearance of the city.
Once you have this problem, of course, is bound to think of a solution, it is in such a specific environment, glass bubble into our line of sight, began to play its unique role, add a glass bubble of the anti-graffiti coating has high crosslinking density, non-tackiness, transparency and chemical resistance. When graffiti spray paint, marker, pen scribbling on the surface of the paint coating, ink can not penetrate the coating, but just to stay in the surface layer of the coating. When the need to clean up, simply by graffiti remover to remove graffiti marks. Graffiti remover is a water-based, non-toxic and will not cause pollution to the environment. Weathering strong anti-graffiti coating, can be used for a long time, once or marker pen graffiti paint marks are cleared, the paint still look brand new. Of course, these can also be applied to the outer coating of some antiquities, effectively preventing tourists graffiti.
With the anti-graffiti after such artifact, the relevant departments no longer have to worry about this problem, but in the final analysis, to improve our own quality is still very important, the research and application of these materials only under compelling circumstances make.