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Processing of Hollow Glass Microspheres filled Epoxy Syntactic Foam Composites with improved Structural Characteristics

2022-12-30 13:47:02 313
The objective of this work is to improve the structural characteristics of hollow glass microsphere filled epoxy syntactic foam composites with little voids content and improved hollow glass microsphere dispersion in the composite.

A modified degassing technique has been introduced during resin casting process of the hollow glass microsphere filled syntactic foam composites. The effect of hollow glass microsphere content volume fractions (5–25%) on the degassing techniques was examined. The syntactic foam composites were characterized by analysing structural morphology using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy(TEM), and density measurements (theoretical and experimental).

Less than 5% void content has been achieved in this study. This resulted in improved tensile and dynamic mechanical properties (DMA).