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Insulation coatings new discovery - Hollow Glass Microspheres

2015-02-10 03:32:06 1909
Structural insulated building envelope performance is poor, summer high energy consumption, the energy burden of the main factors to improve the exterior envelope of the insulation performance, reduce summer energy consumption, China's overall goal is to achieve a necessary part of building energy efficiency.
Building insulation coatings, used for external retaining insulation layer on the substrate, the heat transfer to the room with barrier effect, is an effective complement to the "General" building insulation layer is to improve across the building's external structure thermal properties, can reduce summer exterior envelope material itself and the temperature of the indoor air temperature to a certain extent. And compared with other building envelope insulation, building insulation coatings for its "ease of construction" is very prominent, facilitate post envelope, and can increase the durability and life of its maintenance materials, particularly for the large number of old buildings, make it simple energy-saving, thus building insulation coating is a building energy efficiency in the field of growing importance of insulation materials, strengthen its mechanism of action and application of results of research is very important.
From the perspective of architectural coatings insulation, heat insulation performance studies paint hollow glass microspheres, hollow glass microspheres described insulation coatings major component selection methods and insulation test model making boxes and insulation materials testing methods. Preparation of the heat from the inside of hollow glass microspheres with different content than the paint on the basis of the insulating effect of hollow glass microspheres paint pilot study comparing the effects of hollow glass microspheres content than the insulation properties of the coating, and process analysis of the mechanism of heat transfer mechanism of hollow glass microspheres and hollow glass microspheres paint coating insulation performance than content on the right.
This article from the "influence over the content of hollow glass microspheres insulation properties of the coating." (Excerpt)