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Absorbing Materials Research Nucleocapsid

2015-02-05 03:45:48 1939
As a new core-shell composite absorbing materials absorbing materials, compared with a single type of absorbing material in the structure, properties and applications of absorbing have obvious advantages, the paper summarizes the basic types of core-shell absorbing materials, preparation methods and proposed a new preparation method - self-reactive quenching + surface modification method. Pointed out that the core-shell absorbing materials absorbing materials are expected to meet the new "thin, light, wide, strong" requirements, and core-shell absorbing materials research proposed future prospects.
Since the advent of stealth aircraft, with radar-absorbing material for the study of the core of the stealth technology has been attached great importance to countries in the military sector, and gradually used in missiles, ships, tanks and other weapons. The traditional microwave absorbing materials are mostly inorganic, such as ferrite, carbonyl iron, etc., but because of high density, narrow band absorbing difficult widely used in the aircraft. Therefore, to explore new microwave light, wide-band, high absorption rate of the absorbent material is one of the difficulties to overcome stealth materials. Absorbing materials because of its prominent structural features, effectively reducing the ingenious combination of absorbing material density, core and shell in a certain extent, improve the absorbing properties of absorbing agent, has become a new generation of microwave absorbing material.
Core and outer shell coated core-shell materials are generally centered oil composition, the composition may be a polymer, inorganic substance and metal. With the continuous development of the core-shell material, which is defined to become more widespread. For the core and the shell material from two different materials by physical or chemical action of interconnected, can become a core-shell material. Generalized core-shell materials include not only the same or different material composition of the composite material having a core-shell structure, including glass bubble, microcapsules and other materials. Core-shell material appearance is generally spherical particles, it can be other shapes, coated exterior shell particles can alter the surface properties of nuclear materials, and to give particles of light, electricity, magnetism, catalysis and other features, such as changing the particle surface charge, giving particle functionality, enhanced surface reactivity, improve particle stability and prevent the occurrence of nuclear and external media, such as physical or chemical action.
This paper discusses the core-shell type absorbing materials, preparation method and a new method for the preparation of this research group, due to the late development of domestic technology, core-shell absorbing materials prepared by a method of each system is more messy and absorbing properties not ideal, and therefore the study of core-shell absorbing materials in the future should be launched around the following main aspects:
1. In the optimal design of the absorbing material, make full use of the principle of mathematical analysis and computer-aided software, designed to establish a more reliable and accurate theoretical model, design features targeted core-shell absorbing materials.
2. Try a variety of preparation methods or dual modification, multi-layer composite technology, to find a simple process, low cost, suitable for the preparation of the actual production technology; exploration core-shell absorbing materials achieve change absorbing properties of nano-sized.
3. On the basis of self-absorbing hollow ceramic beads on trying different plating composition and process parameters to find the best ingredients shell ratio and process parameters.
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