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Hollow glass microspheres in the paint industry’s application

2020-10-19 14:03:54 1370

Glass bubble & Hollow glass microspheres is a low density, light weight, high strength glass microspheres. As the hollow nature, as compared with ordinary glass bubble with a light weight, density, insulation good performance characteristics, is the main raw material for thermal insulation coating.Because of its smaller particle size, rather than ordinary paint or about the fineness of filler, which can be directly added to the filler coating system, the cured coating film formed with thermal insulation properties. Application characteristics; efficient filling, buy low fuel, low density, adding 5% (wt) can make the finished product increased 25% to 35%, which does not increase or even reduce the cost of paint per unit volume. Hollow glass microspheres for the closed hollow sphere particles, added to the coating the formation of many independent micro-cavity insulation, thus greatly improving the coating of heat and sound insulation, heat insulation and play a very good noise reduction effect. The coating has a more waterproof, stain resistant, anti-corrosion. Beads chemically inert surface resistant to chemical corrosion, as a membrane tightly packed particles of glass beads to form a low porosity, so that the coating formed on the surface of the moisture and cause corrosion ions blocking the protective film, play a very good protection role.

Spherical structure of hollow glass microspheres on the impact and stress to have a good dispersion, added to the paint film can be very good resistance to external shocks, improve performance, but also to reduce the coating due to thermal expansion and contraction resulting stress cracking.

Better shielding effect whitening. White powder with a pigment better than whitening effect, effective reduction of other expensive amount of filler and pigment (titanium dioxide with the comparison, the cost is only the size of beads about 1 / 5)

Effectively enhance coating adhesion. Buy low, sell oil properties of hollow glass microspheres so that more can participate in the resin film, thereby improving the adhesion of the coating 3 to 4 times.

5% of the beads can be added to the coating density from 1.30 to 1.0 or less, thus greatly reducing the weight of the coating, the coating off the wall to avoid the phenomenon.

Glass beads have a good reflection on the role of ultraviolet light to prevent yellowing coating aging.

Beads of high melting point, greatly improving coating temperature resistance, fire played a good role

Beads bearing spherical particles play the role of friction is small, can enhance the flow of paint film properties, the construction is more convenient.

Suggested Use:

Normal dosage for 10% of all weight

Hollow glass microspheres after surface treatment and low density, so that paint in the storage process prone to viscosity increase and floating phenomenon, we propose to increase the viscosity of the initial coating (by increasing the amount of thickener increases the viscosity of control over the 140KU ), in this case and floating will not produce the phenomenon of low viscosity, and the system of material particles in the activity decreased because of high viscosity, but will help control the viscosity stability.

We strongly recommend to add the following method: because the bead particles thin-walled, low resistance to shear force, in order to take full advantage of characteristics of the hollow beads, add recommended final approach, which is used to add beads into the final as low as low-speed shear mixing equipment scattered, because the spherical bead mobility is good, not much friction between, so it is easy to spread. Short period of time can be completely wet, to slightly extend the mixing time can be dispersed.

Hollow glass microspheres chemically inert, non-toxic. However, because of its very light, so the added need special attention. We propose to take step by step addition method, that is, each time adding amount of the remaining bead of 1 / 2, and gradually added, this will be good to avoid floating beads dispersed into the air and make more complete.

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